Write For Us

Write For Us
  • You Will Be Get Paid According To Page Views
  • You Might Get Writing Work For Ghost Writing And Ebook Writing As Freelance Work
  • You Might Get Featured On Homepage According To Your Content Quality
  • Payment Rates are According to Your Niche Like Technology and IT niches Get Highest Rates
  • In most of Scenarios it Fluctuate 250₹-500₹ Per  10k (10,000) Page Views
  • To Get A Pay Out You Have At least 1,500₹ Or 40k Pageviews
  • Post Must Not Contain Copyrighted Images
  • Content Must Not Be Pirated From Other website
  • Your Post Can’t Contain Any Link Out Of The Website Without Moderator’s Permission
  • Your Content Should Not Promote Profanity and Nudity
  • All Affiliate Links are Provided By Moderator
  • Wordext focuses on the typical adult man or woman and family. Articles should be written in an informal, interesting, easy-to-read style, avoiding hard-to-understand.
  • And Last But Not Least Your Post Should Have 600-1500 Words
  • All The Content is Owned By Wordext It Self Because You Receive Post Pay-out
  • But If You Write Something Extra Ordinary Then You will be Getting Extra Rewards And Features On Homepage
  • You Will Be Paid Extra For Video Format Of Any Post 200₹.
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