7 Simple Steps To Overcome Rejections

Rejection is one of the sad truths that everyone has to face once or multiple times in their life, nobody is immune to it. Rejections continue through your lifetime, you so many times get rejected by your desired things that tarnish your happiness, your hope, and your belief. It’s obvious, Rejection hurts when you get rejected by your loved ones when you get fired by your favorite post when you were seeking attention but only got ignorance when you’re so confident about yourself but no one believes in you, these things put a physiological effect on our mind,It brings up the existential crisis of loneliness which is quite painful and hard to ignore . We start downgrading ourselves, we start developing a mindset that I’m not eligible or Something definitely wrong in me and these developed feeling and prejudice shatter our emotions and confidence badly.  But in actuality, It doesn’t affect us as much as we take it on ownself and develop a spiral of negative introspection. Rejections are normal and everyone faces them. 

Personally, I remember moments of rejection in my teenage, when I had a huge crush on a girl in my relation, I used to text, call and share my everything with her and vice versa. I was madly in love with her, but, later one day she choose another boy over me. That’s hurt me. I remember, when she introduced me to that boy and she said that he is her soulmate, I was shocked, I was sucked, an indescribable pain devastated me and my feelings completely. But that devastating situation was not for a long time because of using some trick and work out. Emotional pain can linger for decades if you don’t learn ways to heal it. Counting your broken arms and nurturing your wounds can’t give you an idyllic and happy life. You have to learn step by step, day by day, you have to develop perseverance in yourself. Every problem has a solution. you just have to take a stand for yourself so when you again go through this situation, you easily conquer it and no longer dwell there. 

Here is 7 steps that’s gonna help you to pick you up back from rejection. 

Develop A Resilient Attitude –

Resilience is very important for life, a resilient person better knows that how to solve a variety of problems, and how to bounce back from trauma rebound yourself again to face challenges. To have a resilient attitude doesn’t let you drown in the trauma it keeps pulling you up. It strengthens your mental reservoir and offers a helping hand whenever you got into trouble. 

How to Be Resilience– First grow your competence, don’t respond instantly, observe the situation, study the problem, analyze its impact that how much it can affect your growth.  Second, build a confident attitude that means no matter how many problems you gonna face you would not give up without solving them. Third Character, Your life’s prosperity and second person’s behaviours much belongs to your character. fourth Contribution, fifth, Coping last but not least, Self-control

Note– “You Cannot become resilience in a day, you have to give time to yourself.” 

Let Go, Don’t Dwell –

Holding hands and the moment that has been already gone is just like becoming a crime partner in the murder of yourself. Life is beautiful when you live it your style when you build an attitude that someone’s ” I have to go” doesn’t affect your happiness and say “Goodbye” with an emerging smile. Life is not dwelling in past and hurting yourself because of some unwanted moment. 
In the process to let go a relationship, an embarrassing moment or a failure. Instead of carrying these things in your heart cry out as soon as possible.

In the process to let go a relationship, an embarrassing moment or a failure. Instead of carrying these things in your heart cry out as soon as possible. Replace those thoughts that force you to dwell in stressed and intense situations with your passion. Start looking at your obstacle as a blessing try to learn from it instead of hanging on to it. Engage yourself in physical activities, start meditation and yoga, Make a to-do list and Visualize in your head what you can do except dwell on those things.

Relate Rejection To Personal Growth

Rejection is Real, and almost everyone faces it once or many in their life. We all have to suffer it one day. It can be in love, a job, or in other things. Everybody hates rejection, but it is also true that you can’t escape yourself from it. You have to face it somewhere.

So, Instead of running away from it, we should develop an attitude to deal with it. Surprisingly, some people find motivation out of it. They fuel themselves through the pain of rejection and fly high.

Never confuse yourself, sit with a calm mind, scrutinize your faults, learn from them, and have a positive motivation. Start fueling yourself by eradicating mistakes. Don’t let dwell in feelings of rejection, develop positive thinking, talk to yourself as much as you can but never argue and at the right time jump over another ship.

Be Open-Minded

Open-mindedness helps you to become receptive to a wide variety of ideas, arguments, and information. It builds the ability to think over critical and rational issues.

Being open-minded doesn’t mean being prejudiced. When you become Open-minded you experience new things. Considering other people’s perspectives, challenge your beliefs, and give chances to others to express their beliefs and arguments. It doesn’t mean you agree or not, or you imply their ideology on ownself or not. 

A dogmatized mind never allows you to experience new things

Challenge Your Fears

We face two kinds of fears in our life the first one is healthy and the second is unhealthy. Delusional fear or the fears that can’t harm us come into Unhealthy fear, like, fear of a snake, fear of rats, fear of spiders, etc. Fear affects our life, We call them healthy fear, for example, losing a job, loss in business, not clearing the exam, etc.
Challenging your fears means developing a positive mindset amid chaos. Gaining strength and courage by past experiences which were threatening you. Doing those things you denied because of fears.
When you Prioritize your potential that benefits you and you develop an actionable attitude through it. Accept your flows and intuitions and keep moving forward without any hesitation.

Stop Thinking “What Others Will Say”

Most of the opinion given by your surroundings is baseless, irrational, and unpopular. When you start relying on others’ opinions too much you start tailoring your life to fit in their expectations, and it forms a vicious cycle.

Paying less attention to others always makes time for you. Let yourself live your life as you want, do your things according to your will because no one knows you better than you. It’s true that we all want to get appreciated by others for our talent, intelligence, personality. but it is also true that you don’t get appreciated always. and when you don’t get you to start living in delusion. So it’s better if you appreciate yourself.

Embrace Your Flow

To engage yourself with own self you must have go with your flows. The progress of your life depends on how much you’re enthusiastic about your work. And Enthusiasm follows your flow, your intuition. It is what belongs to Real You.
In the phase of rejection, your intuition helps you to divert your mind from what bothers you to what entertains you. It pushes you towards your belongings, it makes you more passionate and enthusiastic.

It’s Your Life, Don’t Let Anyone Control It….Don’t Let Yourself Cage In Others Opinion And Thoughts. Live As You Want.

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