A Bird You Can’t Unlove….

Whenever I say to you, you’re beautiful, And I like and love you so much. and at the same time, you ask me to eagerly. “why do you love me, What’s Special in me, what forces you to love and like me that much even there are so many girls in this world, and they are more beautiful, why you don’t like and love them too.
And I never answered all your questions, but today I’m going to answer all of your questions. I’m going to disclose all the things that make you Special.
Yes” I’m going to share this thing to you and whole world…even I wanted to share it before too but I never get much words and much strength.

So here is that My love My craziness doesn’t belong to your physical outer appearance, Here is something incredible about you that I found myself falling in love with you every day, every time. My love to you belongs deeper to your skin, it is internal and eternal close to YOU. Maybe, for a while, My liking could belong to your physical appearances but my heart has fond of your inner beauty, and only my heart knows how beautiful and courageous you are. My love doesn’t belong to your gorgeous pair of pink lips, It doesn’t belong to your perfect height that is which helps me to kiss you comfortably, my love doesn’t belong to your those captivating eyes in those I find pearls of happiness and submerge myself unhesitantly.  

My love belongs to your guileless and artless smile, your those smiles you smiled in your weak days to fight against your fragility against your chaotic life your those smiles expunge my pain and make me a happy man, and I learned the value of a smile. I can’t explain in words that your smile how much exhilarates and soothes my heart

My love belongs to your Courage, you showed me in your hard days when you were fighting against demons, my love belongs to those promises you make to yourself to conquer all the battles of life that would come in your way. 

My love belongs to the trust and faith you have shown in me, My love belongs to that moment when you cried out in front of me unhesitantly to wipe out your pain to share your pain. 

My love belongs to your selfless care, your efforts, and assiduity building my life, encouraging me towards my passion. These things compel me to come close to you every day. 

I wish my fingers don’t get tired of wielding Pen to write about you and entangling your hairs restlessly. I wish my lips don’t forget to sing the song of your virtue and to whisper seven rainbowy words I Am In Love With You in your ears every day. I wish the tranquility I get through to get hold in your arms and to sleep and to bury my head in your lap never fade away. 

You are the Canvas where I want to paint all my imagination and then wanna pin that art on the wall of my heart, so the whole world notices us. 

I don’t know anything about Love except YOU 

Tripathi Prabhakar
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