Stoic Principles in Modern Life: how the core principles of Stoicism can be applied to modern-day challenges-

The human is part of the material realm in which he has been stuck. This material world is full of miseries and problems for some people. For some it’s cruel, for some it’s kind and for some it’s a life.
Life is a divine gift of god, but it is a gift full of misery, some people say.
And the modern life in which we are living is full of problems, the problems which modern life is never faced with like depression, anxiety, anger issues, lack of emotional stability and other mental problems.
People in daily modern life work, eat, rest and sleep. Their daily routine is around these 4-5 things to do and they do so because of lack of diversity in the things one can do.
An average person goes to his/her office which starts at 9-10 a.m. and goes off to work at about 5-6 p.m., a day full of stress and unease.
A day spent earning cause in the mental stress a one goes through while performing his/her duties.
People who become habitual of the daily stress and mental illness don’t even share their problems with anyone and this is called “stoicism”.
Stoicism is a term which states the quality of experiencing pain and mental illness.
People while performing their duties in daily life deal with their mental illness or pain with stoicism as they have become habitual of the pain and illness as they consider the pain and illness worthy of their earning.
People tolerate pain, they suffer due to illness, after eventually they make the suffering and illness the part of their life, an undetectable part of their life and it becomes their daily routine to also deal with that pain without complaining and sharing it with anyone.
In simple words stoicism is an ability to hide your pain and not expressing it, and not complaining about anything which is miserable and giving pain to your mind and consciousness.
An average person today faces work stress, social media pressure and the challenge in maintaining relationships.

An average person goes to the office daily to earn bread and respect and it causes some stress to him, working 6-7 in front of the computer and doing paperwork gives a person stress and especially when he is doing the same thing daily.
People who goes to office daily, some of them don’t go their by their own will but due to some forces who are forcing them to work like a slave, a corporate slave and this sometimes also cause depression when the person is controlled by some outside forces and his/her strings are pulled by someone else or those morals who are persuading him/her to face stress without even complaining and expressing about what is running over their mind since weeks or days.
A person with work stress often sometimes experiences relationships at home being affected by the stress they got from his/her office.
This affects the personal relations very badly, while some don’t express what is running over their mind, people feel that the pain is a part of life and by assuming this they adopt it and don’t recognise pain as something to be expressed or shared.
People express what they feel to be expressive or about what they feel expressive and don’t express things which they feel to be something which can’t be expressed by words or the thing is not worthy to be expressed.
Sometimes in order to redeem themselves the people use social media for help. In Modern life, social media is a very effective tool for some people to escape from real life problems but the tool to escape sometimes creates the life of the user stressful.
Social media is a tool for people to socially interact with the people of a community through the internet.
People post their blogs, pictures and videos on social media and they see and interact with the blogs or pictures posted by other people.
This gives the person FOMO which forces the person to live a life the same as the person who is posting.

This pressurises the person to compare his life with the lives of other people, which is not his will.
On social media some people express their emotions by posting pictures, videos and writing blogs just to comfort themselves that they are expressing something.
People limit their expression by not posting some private things and the things which they want to express but fear about the reactions of people I.e. what others will perceive.
In some cases people have a complex attached which makes them hesitate to share some of their feelings.
Addiction to social media affects our mental health, which indirectly puts a very bad effect on our relationships. Relationships are made with love, care and attachment. All these three elements develop a relationship and people should feel free to be expressive in relations.
Some people find it easy to be expressive in relations as some believe in their partners that he/she would listen to them.
Some don’t complain in a relationship due to fear of losing their loved ones or partners, while some feel the exact opposite, they express what they feel, good or bad, praise or complaints.
Autism is sometimes the main reason for not expressing yourself but sometimes people who are willing to express themselves are unable to do so due to fear of being judged by another person.
Stoicism has become a part of human life by which we don’t just keep the things to ourselves but also let go it, because the main idea of not expressing is that just expressing things can’t solve our daily problems and whether we express or not, the problems are still standing like a unshakeable pillar in life which is standing on morals.

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