10 Reasons Behind Your Complicated Life

Our Life is full of complacency, we are not happy with what we have and what’s going on, behind it, lots of reasons that motivate us to live a complicated and miserable life and we don’t dare to put a look over it. let’s have brief look at it-

1. Procrastination –

Most of us go through stages of Procrastination and we feel unfulfilled even having a desire for an idyllic life. Procrastination mostly comes because of not having strong desires for anything and having a nature of averting “to do” things on the next and next day.  Somewhere in our heart, we all wish that we should do this, we should do that, we must have this and that. Mostly these things happened because of in-expectation of the right time. We keep saying to ourselves that this, not the time when we want to start but in actuality, there is no right and wrong time for starting and ending anything, we just need push need to push ourselves out of our comfort zone…once you did it you will always get benefited for it, you will never end up without accomplishment.

2. Worrying about failure –

Lack of confidence always brings uncertainty, and uncertainty is the biggest reason behind having a worrisome life, we often ended up thinking about results instead of focusing on our action. worries only affect our growth and give us a vague future.

 ” A worried person never take a bankable and lucrative action.

3. waiting for right time

we often say “we will wait for the right time” and this hesitation and averting nature leads a life that ended up Waiting. there is no perfect time for starting anything, all time is your and perfect for you, you just need start and giving a push to procasticated life that was waiting for right time.

Success follows those who follows Now

4. Doing more than we should

Because of some reasons we mostly say YES to all the work and everyone, and in the end, we ended up getting overcommitted. Instead of snuggling up lots of  YES, we must prefer to embracing NO. You don’t need to pile up burdens Make some free time for yourself because Sometimes not doing anything is also an investment, an investment for a healthy life. 

5. Accepting Interruptions

You can’t live a healthy life if your life’s way is not clear and you’re not going on a less interrupted path. Indeed, you can’t live a great life without being distracted, life goes for its destination through distractions and interruptions, you can’t avoid it but you can minimize it, you could have control over it through sharpening your skill and intelligence.

 6. Expecting Control Over Everything

We always expect to have control over everything, on our emotions, our life, and even we want the same thing with others, we keep pursuing to have control over others to. when we see that things are not going as we wanted, we often ended up miserable. This thing hurt us badly and we feel demotivated and unworthy in ourselves.

To have a happy life we must have to learn “Let things Go, Let them follow their flow”. It is healthy it is wealthy. 

7. Involving yourself in Drama –

We love dramas and we don’t hesitate to involve ourselves in any drama going around us. But in actual involving yourself in drama means playing with your mental peace. Dramatic life only tighten complacency and push you towards unpleasantness. 

Always put a door of ignorance between you and drama people and relation to secure your life’s main asset peace.

 8. Complaining Nature

We all have a bad habit, a habit of complaining. And it is because of living an unsatisfied life, and by complaining, we try to satisfy ourselves even we know that complaining can’t change anything except making things worse. We keep thinking about past mistakes which are unchangeable. Complaining is all about wasting your energies.

Gratefulness comes through living an Uncomplained LIfe.” 

9. Comparisons

Since our childhood, we always get compared with several stuff and personalities. Even we all know that every human being different and they all have their speciality. And Unfortunatly no one try to put a look over it even we to. 

Comparing yourself to others is insulting yourself and Comparing yourself to you is fueling yourself for long run”.

10. Lack of Forgiveness

We often hold bitterness for a long time and keep ruining our mood for what is gone before. Psychology says holding bitterness only leads frustration and anger and it weaken us emotionally, you spend your most of time hating that person or event that a time ago hurt us and this time there is no relation between that moment and this. It makes situation only worse, so its better as soon as you forgive people for their bullshit. Forgiveness lighten your mental burdens. Forgiveness helps to plant Happiness and Humbleness.

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