6 Effective Ways To Stay Focused On Your Goal

In his quote, Myles Munroe quoted “The poorest man in the world is a man without a dream.”

Our whole growth depends on how much we dream and what we dream, dreaming is a very essential thing for any creature on the earth. As human beings, we all have this god gift ability, the ability to dream. Our whole life is run by these three basic things. Whole life we set goals and work hard to fulfill our wishes, to reach the point we ever dreamed of. Setting goals helps trigger new behaviors, helps guides our focus, and helps us sustain that momentum in life. Goals also help align our focus and promote a sense of self-mastery. we are living in a fast-paced world where we can get distracted easily by a lot of things every day. It is very hard to keep momentum without having the right strategy otherwise our hard work will be in wan and we get distracted because of it, here is I’m gonna share the right and fruitful strategy to conquering goals. I believe these Six strategies going to help you to reach your goals more effectively and you gonna say to all your dreams in a very confident voice “One Day Definitely

1. Track Your Progress

Tracking, what you are doing is the best way to motivating and pushing yourself for what you were started in a better way.  After setting a goal, you must have to keep tracking your progress, and when it comes to tracking your progress towards your goal, the key point is “How you plan, and How you organize” yourself for the accomplishment of your goal helps you a lot. you shouldn’t be frustrated and annoyed if things are not working for a short period. you have to look at the point where you were started and now where you are.it is not necessary that tracking always motivates you even sometimes demotivates you when you see yourself far away from the point where you were wanted to see yourself. In this situation instead of being distracted scrutinize your mistakes and organize yourself again and the go-ahead for the picture you ever created. 

2. Visualize Your Success

Visualization is the way that keeps maintaining your focus towards your goal, as much as you visualize you feel connected to the goal. Visualization is the technique that has been used by most successful people. when you visualize your rehearsals your progress in your mind you mentally touch the peak of your success, and once you touched your goal no matter it is in dreams, you gonna chase it more effectively in reality.

Positive visualization fuels you and Negative visualization destroy all possibilities

3. Break Your Goal Into Parts

The key to achieving big goals is to break them down into small pieces in these steps, Quantity based, Time based, and Action-based. Small steps always play a big role to achieve something, those who focus on their small steps conquer any war or any goal very easily, no matter how big and tough it is. when you break your goals based on quantity, you don’t go through boredom situations and you get more time to do it carefully and effectively.

when you break down your goal into time you don’t need to work continuously, you just need to give it one to two hours daily. When you’re not sure how to achieve a goal, the way to break it down is by creating a list of actionable steps.
 suppose that your goal is the following: “writing a book”. You’ve never written any book before. Therefore, you don’t know how to proceed. So, what do you do?

First, decide on a deadline for your goal of writing your book. Suppose that you decide that you’re going to write it in the next six months. Your deadline is six months from now, so you have 180 days to achieve your goal.

So, take out a piece of paper, and create 180 spaces– one for each day of the following 6 months.

4. Keep The Long Term Picture In Your Mind

Developing a long-term goal requires a lot of thought about the future and what you want from it.  Ask yourself that why you were started and where you wanted to see yourself in the future. you have to keep that picture or goal in your mind, the picture you were carved in your mind. When you have concrete answers to all of these questions, you’ll have a clearer picture of what your ideal future will look like. Just like, A clear image always captivates your attention, the same a clear image of your goal gives you the motivation to achieve that. 

5. Money Shouldn’t be Only Source of Motivation

In every case money always harms you and your intention and purpose, most of the goals are indeed motivated by money, we don’t put our interest if it is not motivated by money. We only took a job because of the money, or we only started on a project because we thought we would get rich.   When you are only motivated by money, you are setting yourself up for failure. Money can get you started down a career path or towards a goal. But it isn’t likely to keep you focused, and therefore, money is a bad motivator. 
On the other hand, if we had motivators beyond money, we might have a reason to push for what we want, even when things get tough. we are more likely to stay focused on our tasks because we enjoy what we’re doing. Our purpose our intention to achieve anything should be only to touch greatness in that field. 

6. Have Someone To Hold Your Accountability

Accountability is another form of self-control, it increases our dedication to complete our goal. Accountability helps us to grow fast. Accountability is not simply taking the blame when something goes wrong. Accountability is about delivering on our commitment. It’s the responsibility of an outcome, not just a set of tasks. It’s taking initiative with thoughtful, strategic follow-through. And when you have someone to take responsibility they help you to eliminate your distractions so you can focus on your goal and accomplish it effectively.  Having an accountability partner helps you to evaluate your goals and strategy. you get a cheerleader and a coach who celebrates your successes along the way and help you recover from setbacks.

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