Depressed Me

I’m depressed šŸ˜ž

In this world,I have learned,

In this consecrated land,

I have some stories untold,

And in me it’s become a Dodd.

I am depressed,

Of this enigmatic world,It makes thou discomforted,

And push you to become a greed,

Greedy you! You have become a half dead.

Using my fingers,I type using sed,

Using my hand,I write roughly like a zed,

Using my eyes,I see nothing than red,

Using my head,I think of the dead,

Thinking of me also dying on a clean deed.

I’ve made it lessen,

As a weighty being,

Decided not to fall into the chain,

Of the problems world will incline,

And of my mouth,Have made a halt to the chin.What a frightening world you are,

Thou give birth to many but never have an heir,

Thou drive of that thy terrified gear,

You’ve made us frightened acting like a deer,That no one can ever dare.

I’m sacred,Because,I serve daily to the world,

I’m scared,Of this injurious world,So that, I won’t become on this land,the helpless bard.

I’m deeply solemn,

Of this irony world acting calm,

And to everything it’s become a column,

What is this malevolent deed of thine?,

He!,I bowed to the one who has the throne.

I may talk rashly,To the one who has stayed lonely,

To the one who judge solely,I’m deeply sorry to the only,

It’s all because I have gained nothing than melancholy


Valorous poet himself āœļø

Arinbo Arifullah Olayinka
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