My Dear Crush

Hey, You are the girl of my dream with who I want to witness all the magical fantasies we ever desired. I’m yearning for your love, your love is the only thing that can erase all the longingness of my heart and can give me the most desired home where I want to spend the rest of my life without complaining.


I want to feel your magical touch, your warm breaths, your heartbeat next to mine, I want to see the same fantasy in your captivating eyes that I see in mine. I wish you would be here, and I could hold you and pour my heart in yours. I wish I could scrape my name over your skin with kisses and you proudly wear the warmth of my body. I wish you would be here, so close to me and I could whisper those soft rosy words in your ears, which are pushing me hard to say you publicly. I wanna imagine that you are here beside me and the fragrant of your body whispering to come close to you and to hold your hands in mine and to sing a song over the rhythm our heartbeat is making. I can imagine your soft rosy lips inviting me to devour yours and captivating my heart and forcing me to explore you in you by holding you in my arms.  At that moment your moans helping me to reach the destination  I ever destined alone and you too in pleasure to reach the place you never dreamed ever hugging tighter to give a sensation that penetrates deeper than skin and you make the sign of your deep love over my skin through your nails. I never woke up without dreaming about you, Sometimes I feel like we were born for the same destination although we live far away to each other. 

I wanna travel the journey of you in with you that I travel every day in my dreams with you. I wanna occupy your heart for us so no one can intrude. I want to win you every day without any fight…. Hey, Come with me and listen to what my heart says to you, what my heart sings for you, and read again and again what my pen penned for you.  

Thank You For Reading 🙏

Tripathi Prabhakar
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