do you ever think that why the old school love and today’s love are so different from each other. Love is a word that automatically gives butterflies in your stomach, but now a days, the definition of love has completely changed. Now love is just a synonym of relationship. The word relationship has completely overpowered ” Love “.
With the passage of time a lot had changed, relationships are a kind of trend for us and everyone wants to be a part of this trend. The feelings do not matter at all, people just want to spend time with each other, want to hang out ,want to go here and there with each other and want to have fun all the time. And this is why essence of pure love is lost.
Now people are not able to live with each other for long time. People instantly give the tag of “relationship ” to their love. Children enter in relationships even before they are in class 5 or 6 . By the time they even don’t know the meaning of love and relation. They just want to follow the trend and that’s why the innocence, the purity of love is lost somehow.
The word friends with benefits is also in trend now a days and because of this feelings are decreasing in the mind of people.
People are with each other only for their benefits.
Which is not a good future of love at all.

What do you think shall we stop this trend or be a part of this trend

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