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Relationship is a word that can make anyone happy and romantic. It is a sweet and pure name of love. It is a friendly or loving connection between two people. Four basics of relationships are respect, equally, safety and trust. A loving relationship is one that is built on trust, mutual respect and affection. It is a relationship where both partners feel safe and enough to express their feelings openly. A good relationship gives us wings to fly, supports you in every thick and thin. People who have healthy relationships are more likely to feel happier and satisfied with their lives. It can increase your sense of worth and belongings and help you feel less alone.

        But if you are in a wrong Or toxic relationship , you feel like trapped in this, it feels like claustrophobic. Feels like you are in a building which is on fire which is on fire but there is no way to escape. You feel powerless and helpless. Brains get used to this familiar painful experience. This trapped feeling causes anxiety and depression in some cases suicidal thoughts. They can not break free because of some fears like, 

fear of being alone, fear of starting again, fear of what people will say etc..

A no. Of ladies who have been trapped in a toxic or wrong relationship due to their emotional weakness is much than those who are emotionally mature and free.

A relationship is said to be toxic because of its terrible effect on your emotional, spiritual, academic, mental and financial life .
And these fears that held them bound are :–

(a.) FEAR OF BEING ALONE :– This fear makes you feel extremely anxious when you are alone. This fear is called autophobia. People think they can’t leave alone. They get nervous and anxious when they are alone and that is why they need someone to be with them everytime .

(b.) FEAR OF STARTING AGAIN :– A lot of women have this fear, they have a fear of starting again. But you need to understand that making mistake in life isn’t the greatest failure on earth staying in wrong relationship is beginning of your failure if you remain there. I know you have invested so much into it, but a failed relationship doesn’t make you a loser. Start again, because the longer stay in the wrong place, the difficult it is to get to your regret destination.

(c.) FEAR OF WHAT PEOPLE WILL SAY :– Wheather you fail or succeed, happy or sad, dead or alive, people will always say something. Isn’t it better for people to sing your praise than for you to become their songs of mockery, staying in a relation just because of what others would say will do you more harm than good.

(d.) SELF DOUBT :– A lack of confidence regarding yourself and your abilities. It’s a mindset that holds you back everytime whenever you want to move forward . When women afraid of speaking up because they think they are not good enough they unwillingly stay in their unhealthy and toxic relationship.

(e.) FEAR OF UNKNOWN :– The tendency to be afraid when you have no information about something you face. Most women have natural fears of unknown. It happens because of miscommunication or when other person controls your needs or when they don’t treat you the way you want to be treated.

Abuse and disrespect in a relationship go a long way into chipping away a person’s self esteem. The toxic partner uses this knowledge to get his partner to feel inferior and ashamed about herself. Low esteem is one of the commonest reasons that people stay in bad relationship. Being controlled and hurt is traumatizing , and this leads to confusion, doubts and even self blame.

            In case of married woman, some women put their children first, sacrificing their own safety. In a study women mentioned their reasons as "I was afraid if he wasn't beating me he would beat his kids. " 

And others mentioned staying to benefit to children “I wanted my son / daughter to have a father. ” some were trapped because of financial constraints.

But many a time , we come across smart, emotionally strong and intelligent woman who stay stuck in harmful and toxic relationships. These are relationships where they are mistreated emotionally, physically and mentally, but they still can’t seem to let go of their partner. These amazing women know it is wrong, and to put up with it is even worse, but their partners have a strong hold over them and they find it difficult to call it quits.
Here are few reasons smart women don’t walk out of toxic relationship :.

1= HE IS A MASTER MANIPULATOR :– (the toxic partner is good at getting things done his way. He uses emotional tactics to get his partner to do what he wants, and may also manipulate her in a way that she stops doing the things that bring her joy. )

2= HE USES SELF – DOUBT AS WEAPON :– ( this may just be the strongest weapon in a toxic person’s arsenal. He will make his partner doubt her every move so much that she begins to question herself. She feels guilty about reacting to her partner’s mistreatment, and makes her feel like she’s making a big issue out of nothing.)

3= HE IS PRO AT FOOLING :- ( The relationship is rife with lies, betrayal and deception. The toxic partner know it’s easy to food his partner because she trusts him.)

            For some women leaving a toxic relationship can be very hard because of all the emotional labour and time spent trying to make the relationship work. It can feel like an internal failure, or that by leaving you are giving up on something you've invested in. They don't think someone else out there could love them better.

They see love as constant compromise.
The moment you think you don’t have options while you aren’t happy yourself in your relationship -you have already lied to yourself.

The truth is ,you always have options – even just one. Your heart knows it .
Walking away from something that’s been your identity is mentally,emotionally, physically, and even financially hard.

    Someday you'll be thrilled about life again and see that time when you are stuck in a toxic relationship as nothing but just another bad chapter in your life.
    We all come across these women who are dealing with toxic relationship let's cheer them up.

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