“The Fame Game” shows the other side of the coin

When it was pointed out that there are two sides to the same coin, it perhaps, also meant to clarify that there is more to the tip of the iceberg. Netflix’s latest dramatic production, “The Fame Game,” shows the other side of the coin. While the world is blinded by one side of glamor, the one season with 8 episodes follows a unique plotline. It is packed with a bunch of twists and turns and silently brings the limelight to the other side of fame, as seen on the surface. Check out the trailer in case you have missed it!

The Fame Game | Official Trailer | Madhuri Dixit Nene, Sanjay Kapoor, Manav Kaul | Netflix India – YouTube

All episodes pay attention to the details and try to show different aspects of life by portraying people who are at different junctures of their life. Here are the key attractions of the show that would be of interest to the viewers for sure:

  1. An attractive storyline

While the plot depiction is done with the narrative swinging between different timelines, spreading it into 8 episodes makes sure that the viewers cannot leave if they finish one episode. There are moments of epiphany and realizations as the plot unveils a bunch of layers it has been woven into. What would have possibly been the end becomes the beginning, and the air of suspense and mystery around the protagonist, Anamika, makes the viewers an active participant in the investigation of the events that conspired against her. It is interesting to note how the action goes back in the lives of the characters set 20 years ago and connects it to the present while keeping the past alive.

  • Showing the other side

Through Anamika’s character, the plot shows the fact that everyone is an equal human. The fame they have or the money they earn can not get them the best of both worlds. Her imperfect life, which has its share of sufferings, is a testimony of that. In addition to putting the silver screen to fire, she plays multiple roles in her life as a daughter, wife, and mother while balancing her life. The paradox is apparent when the on-screen lively, charming personality becomes a victim in the domestic space.

  • Social relevance

Netflix’s drama also raises issues of social relevance in showing the atrocities Anamika has to face at the hands of her husband and the tough choices she has to make for the future of her children. This is where “The Fame Game” shows the other side of the coin. The contemporary issue of LGBT and their desire for acceptance is also brought to light, which faces the shuns of society every day.

Above everything, the worth noting things are the power-packed performances delivered by the actors that fill the characters with life and strength. This strength makes the characters, the plot, and the issues it raises unforgettable for the audience, and they are glued to their screens till the end. “The Fame Game” successfully shows the dystopia that coexists inside the utopia, and the two are undeniably incomplete without each other. Every coin has 2 sides, and “The Fame Game” shows the other side of the coin with a bird’s eye view.

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