Top 100 The Hindu Vocabulary of This Week

English Vocabulary is very useful for exams like IBPS PO, SBI PO, SSC CGL, and UPSC CDS/NDA. And Learning vocab through The Hindu helps you a lot to obtain good marks in English section. Here I’m going to share Top 100 Words of this week to mastering in this section.

  1. Adroit

Meaning– Skillful and Clever

Synonyms– Dexterous, Adept, Handy, Ingenious

  • Anachronism

Meaning a person, custom that seems old-fashioned

SynonymsAncient, out-of-date, archaic, bygone, antediluvian

  • Captious

Meaning- Faultfinding, Confusing as in argument

Synonyms Acrimonious, Carping, Censorious, Caviling

  • Blithe

MeaningCheerful disposition, carefree

Synonyms heedless, animated, jocund, jovial

  • Brackish

Meaning– somewhat salty

Synonyms– saline, pungent, acrid, briny

  • Cardinal

Meaningmost important, Chief

Synonyms Essential, Fundamental, Indispensable, Pivotal

  • Benison


SynonymsApprobation, approval, beatitude, Benedictus

  • Blandishment

Meaningflattery, over praise

SynonymsCommendation, fawning, sycophancy, worship

  • Carousal

Meaning– a noisy drinking party

Synonyms bacchanal, conviviality, fiesta

  • Candour

Meaning– the quality of being honest

Synonyms– honesty, sincerity, frankness, candidness

  • Cantankerous

Meaning– Bad tempered

Synonyms- contentious, argumentative, choleric, cranky

  • Contrived

Meaning– forced, Artificial

Synonyms– Assumed, awkward, Counterfeit, feigned

  • Decrepit

Meaning– Very old and not in good condition

Synonyms– feeble, dilapidated, frail, senile

  1. Demeanor

Meaning– behavior of a person

Synonyms– department, manner, disposition, mien

  • Defunct

Meaning– No longer existing

Synonyms– Inanimate, inoperative, nonexistent, obsolete

  •   Entreat

Meaning– plead

Synonyms– beg, beseech, conjure, exhort

  • Epitaph

Meaning– Inscription in memory of a dead person

Synonyms– commemoration, elegy, epigraph, eulogy

  • Decimated

Meaning– Damage something badly

Synonyms– Annihilate, Destroy, Ravage

  • Extenuating

Meaning– making an objectionable action seem less grave

Synonyms– Condoning, justifying, mitigating, palliating

  • Emetic

Meaning– an agent that causes vomiting

  • Encomium

Meaning– high praise

Synonyms– Commendation, panegyric, salutation, tribute

  • Enervate

Meaning– to deprive of strength and vigour

Synonyms– debilitate, fatigue, incapacitate, weary

  • Fatuous

Meaning– very silly

  • Façade

Meaning– Deceiving people by giving a misleading outward appearance

Synonyms– Frontage, pretense, veneer, frontage

  • Fallacious

Meaning– misleading

Synonyms– Erroneous, deceptive, treacherous, inaccurate

  • Feral

Meaning– Undomesticated

Synonyms– Savage, Barbarous, ferocious

  • Fiduciary

Meaning– of a trust

  • Gargantuan

Meaning– Tremendous size

Synonyms– Huge, heavy, colossal, mammoth, leviathan

  • Gauche

Meaning– lack of social experience

Synonyms– gawky, clumsy, graceless, awkward

  • Germane

Meaning– being relevant and appropriate

  • Harlequin

Meaning– Joker, who have coat with irregular patches

Synonyms– varicoloured, psychedelic, zany

  • Hiatus

Meaning– a ga or break as where a part is missing

Synonyms– discontinuity, interval, lacuna

  • Hubris

Meaning– arrogance

Synonyms – Egoism, high-handedness, haughtiness, snobbery

  • Hallowed

Meaning– set apart as sacred, regarded as holly

Synonyms– blessed, sanctified, consecrated

  • Halcyon

Meaning– peaceful, gentle and calm

Synonyms– happy, tranquil, idyllic, untroubled

  • Iconoclastic

Meaning – attacking cherished traditions

Synonyms– weird, distinctive, uncommon

  • Insidious

Meaning– Cunning, treacherous

Synonyms– Surreptitious, sneaking, crafty, wily

  • Inimitable

Meaning– matchless

Synonyms– Uncommon, unparalleled, unrivalled, unique

  • Insouciant

Meaning– taking lightly a serious issue

Synonyms– unconcerned, nonchalant, unruffled

  • Intransigence

Meaning– refuse to change your thought

Synonyms– single-mindedness, tenaciousness, tenacity

  • Levity

Meaning– Lightness

Synonyms– liveliness, cheerfulness, mirth, vivacity

  • Lassitude

Meaning– lack of energy

Synonyms– Laziness, lethargic, procrastination

  • Lugubrious

Meaning– to be sad

Synonyms– mournful, gloomy, doleful, forlorn

  • Leveraging

Meaning– use (something) to maximum advantage

  • Macabre

Meaning– grim and horrible

Synonyms– Morbid, gruesome, appalling, grotesque, hideous

  • Masticate

Meaning– to chew

Synonyms– munch, ruminate, chomp, chumble.

  • Mawkish

Meaning– Emotional

Synonyms– Sentimental, Cloying, Mushy, Soupy

  • Martinet

Meaning– very strict disciplinarian

Synonyms– overseer, authoritarian, task-master

  • Mayhem

Meaning– Injury-inflicted

Synonyms– maiming, mutilating, chaos, pandemonium

  • Melange

Meaning– mixture

Synonyms– medley, assortment, mix, verity, diversity

  • Mortify

Meaning– to feel shame, humiliation

Synonyms– abash, embarrass, chagrin

  • Narcissistic

Meaning– Self- admiring

Synonyms– conceited, haughty, egotistical

  • Nebulous

Meaning– unclear

Synonyms– Vague, Cloudy, misty, blurred, obscure

  • Nihilistic

Meaning– Who believes in no one, atheist

Synonyms– Skeptic, doubter, cynic

  • Noxious

Meaning– very unpleasant

Synonyms– Toxic, virulent, pernicious, offensive

  • Noisome

Meaning– foul smell

Synonyms– objectional, obnoxious, repulsive

  • Obfuscate

Meaning– To confuse

Synonyms– muddle, obscure

  • Obviate

Meaning– to remove a problem

Synonyms– foreclose, avoid, preclude

  • Ominous

Meaning– Threatening

Synonyms– baleful, sinister, forbidding, fateful

  • Ostentatious

Meaning– Showy

Synonyms– Pompous, Gaudy, ornate, pretentious

  • Paragon

Meaning– model of perfection or excellence

Synonyms– Epitome, exemplary, nonpareil, quintessence

  • Palliate

Meaning– to make disease that spreads over a whole region

Synonyms– rampant, widespread, pervasive

  • Panorama

Meaning– a view of whole region

Synonyms– outlook, landscape, scene, aspect

  • Passe

Meaning– old-fashioned, out-of-date

Synonyms– Archaic, obsolescent, antiquated, defunct

  • Pedantic

Meaning– excessively concerned about rules and details

Synonyms– Scrupulous, perfectionist, punctilious, meticulous

  • Penchant

Meaning– propensity, fondness

Synonyms– affinity, proclivity, predisposition, preference

  • Perjury

Meaning– violation of oath

  • Pithy

Meaning– terse and full of substance

Synonyms– Concise, compact, succinct, laconic

  • Portend

Meaning– to forecast, predict

Synonyms– presage, augur, foretell, prophesy

  • Privy

Meaning– aware of

Synonyms– acquainted with, cognizant of, concealed

  • Propitiate

Meaning– appease, mitigate

Synonyms– conciliate, placate, mollify, pacify

  • Protean

Meaning– very changeable, versatile

Synonyms– fluctuating, variable

  • Quandary

Meaning– dilemma, perplexity

Synonyms– impasse, plight, mess, confusion

  • Querulous

Meaning– complaining, whining

Synonyms– fretful, irascible, peevish, petulant

  • Quixotic

Meaning– imaginative ideas

Synonyms– impractical, idealistic, visionary, extravagant

  • Raiment

Meaning– clothing, attire

Synonyms– vesture, vestment, costume, dress

  • Rancour

Meaning– Bitterness

Synonyms– malice, spite, enmity, hostility

  • Renege

Meaning– to go back on

Synonyms– default, repudiate, retract, pull out of

  • Repartee

Meaning– witty comments

Synonyms– banter, badinage, retort, witticism

  • Redolent

Meaning– sweet smelling, fragrant

Synonyms– aromatic, evocative

  • Rescind

Meaning– to revoke, cancel

Synonyms– repeal, annul, void, abrogate

  • Sanguine

Meaning– cheerful and confident about future

Synonyms– optimistic, bullish, hopeful, buoyant

  • Sidereal

Meaning– relating to the stars

  • Saturnine

Meaning– gloomy

Synonyms– doleful, melancholy, sombre, morose

  • Sinecure

Meaning- a job with less work but providing high income

Synonyms- doddle, cinch, picnic, money for Jam

  • Teeming

Meaning– crowded, packed

  • Testify

Meaning– giving evidence in law court

Synonyms– depone, swear, assert, certify

  • Tumid

Meaning– swollen, bombastic

Synonyms– pompous, distended, turgid

  • Trite

Meaning– lacking of originality or freshness, stale

Synonyms– banal, ordinary, overuse, hoary

  • Timorous

Meaning– fearful

Synonyms– apprehensive, quaking, trembling

  • Vapid

Meaning– without strength

Synonyms– insipid, boring, lifeless, tame

  • Vagabond

Meaning- wanderer

Synonyms- wayfarer, tramp, rover, itinerant

  • Venerable

Meaning– deserving respect

Synonyms– respected, reputable, honoured

  • Vicious

Meaning– cruel and violent

Synonyms– remorseless, fierce, bestial, callous4

  • Wreak

Meaning– damage or spoil

Synonyms– inflict, unleash, bestow

  • Wrath

Meaning– very great anger

Synonyms– annoyance, pique, spleen, rage

  • verdant

Meaning– immature, fresh and green

Synonyms– lush, luxuriant, fertile, leafy

  • Xenophobia

Meaning– a strong feeling of disliking

Synonyms– chauvinism, racism, jingoism

  • Zealot

Meaning– being fanatical about their religious

Synonyms– fanatic, enthusiastic, extremist, radical

  • Zest

Meaning– great enthusiasm

Synonyms– passion, zeal, ardour, gusto

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