Exam Phobia, An idyllic way to overcome it

EXAM, a word which can scare anyone, anywhere and anytime.
Exam phobia is an unexplainable, excessive fear of examination.
We have all gone through this fear at one point or another. It’s not that we hate exams,but we were and are afraid of exams as it decides our next course of action in life, whether in school, college or organization. This one is of those dreadful nightmares that stay with us for a long time in our lives. Isn’t it?
Don’t get disappointed if you didn’t do well in an exam, instead keep moving ahead. Face it with right spirit.

(1. )FEEL CONFIDENT :- The first and most important tip is you have to feel confident. Whatever you study, just feel confident about it.

(2.) REVISE REGULARLY :- revision helps in focussing on weaker subjects. It helps to recall the details of the topic you have studied. So revise on regular basis.

(3.) CONSISTENCY :- consistency is the critical driver for success. Be consistent with your studies, it boosts your confidence and helps you to overcome from exam fear.
(4.) FEEL OPTIMISTIC :- A cheerful attitude and positive thinking can help you feel more secure. You must counter your negative thoughts with optimistic one.

(5.) TAKE A BREAK :- plan your study time and include breaks. Small breaks are also important to feel fresh and start again with the same excitement.

(6.) DIET :- drink plenty of water and eat nutritious foods, fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains are essential.

(7.) PAY MORE ATTENTION TO THE COMPLEX TOPICS :- we all run away from difficult and complex topics or chapters, which makes it more difficult for us. So instead of running away, just give more attention to it. Running away isn’t the solution at all.

(8.) DO MEDITATION :- make sure your mind is open to learning new things by relaxing. For that you need to do meditation. It can maintain calm in pressurizing situation.

(9.)DON’T LEAVE ANYTHING ON LAST MOMENT :- We often leave some topics for last moment which creates mess because we don’t get enough time to revise that topic and that creates fear and we start panicking. So don’t leave anything for last moment.

(10.) MOCKS :- so last but not least tip is giving mocks . Mocks exams give students the chance to become familiar with the process of answering an exam paper and this helps to dilute a student’s fear . So try to give mocks as much as you can before exam.

By following these tips, one can overcome from exam fear.

Now. After exam, the first question that comes in our mind is
why do we hate exams most., because of failure.
The reason for fear can be due to a traumatic event or poor experience.
We shouldn’t take failure personally because, there is nothing called as failure, it is also a part of life which makes us successful.
Every successful person had to face failure in their lives at least once. We all know failure is the pillar of success.
Accept the failure is normal (and sometimes it can be a good thing too).
Failure is the best teacher of our lives . It teaches us the most important factors and chapters of life. It teaches us what success doesn’t.
Now, to become successful we have to learn to get over the fear of failure
Now I am sharing some points about how you can overcome the fear of failure.:-
1.= CONTROL YOUR PREPARATION NOT RESULT :- No one can control the result, we never know what the result will be so instead of thinking about the result You should control your preparation.

2.= FOCUS ON POSITIVE THOUGHTS :- there are always two types of thoughts in our minds. It’s always on us that on what to focus. If you want to overcome the fear of failure just focus on positive thoughts. Everything starts with our minds so prepare your mind accordingly.

3.= SELF TALKS :- It will clearly help you alot. It improves self esteem and reduce anxiety. It helps you to manage stress. So whenever you feel like taking to someone, talk to yourself first.

4.= STOP COMPARISON :- comparison makes you unhappy. By comparing yourself with somebody else, you don’t really focus on your work. It distracts you from your goal.
So stop comparing yourself with others.

So these are few points that you should keep in your mind and should follow to overcome the fear of failure.
I hope this will help you
All the best for your exams.

Kavita Mishra
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